List Of Best Online Business To Start With No Money


    In this post i will discuss briefly the list of best online business to start with no money. Nevertheless, the world is now digital.

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    People prefer now to stay in the comfort of their house and get so many things done. Example, you can order a cup of ice cream and it will be delivered right in front of your house. Company like Fiverr has even made it possible for you to hire someone who can render his/her services to you without stress.

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    Online business can be very lucrative since the number of people online at every point in time is far greater to what you can get physically. In summary, Facebook alone gets up to 1.86 billion facebook users monthly while Twitter gets an average of 313 million. With these numbers, any business that goes online can have a very good potential of being successful if done well.

    List Of Best Online Business To Start With No Money

    1. Blogging
    2. Affiliate Marketing
    3. Airdrops for Altcoins
    4. Fiverr services
    5. Get paid to reads ads
    6. Online survey jobs

    However, not every business you do online is free. But, in this post i will give the list of best online business to start with no money.

    1. Blogging

    Blogging is a very lucrative online business that you can grow with time. It may interest you to know that most bloggers earn close to $10,000 – $20,000 in a month or even more. However, bogging requires a lot of patience, commitment and hard work. In other words, if you want to go into blogging with the mindset that you will start earning immediately – you will be highly disappointed.

    You can start your free blog by creating an account with blogger after you must have gotten your domain name.

    2. Affiliate marketing

    This form of business category is for people who owns a blog or a marketing platform. The job of an affiliate market is to refer people to sites that sale goods and get paid some percentage for doing so.

    The big eCommerce companies such as Amazon, Aliexpress and host of other sites pay you for bringing traffic to their sites.

    3. Airdrops for Altcoins

    Cryptocurrency business is lucrative and can be risky at times, but there is way to join crypto world without investment. New coins called Altcoins that are new to the market will need publicity and advert. Airdrop and Bounties are free coins that you will get when you carry out the activities required by the coin owners in terms of helping them get the coin to be known.

    It is possible to get $500 from just sharing coin on your facebook page and retweeting it on twitter. I personally have made a lot of money from doing airdrops.

    4. Fiverr services

    Fiverr is a site where you can register free and render services to people. The least amount you can get from any service you render on Fiverr is $5. If you are good with what you do and get positive reviews from your clients, you will make a lot of money from this site.

    In Fiverr, there are so many services you can render such as website developing, logo design, Helping people with online marketing, Search Engine Optimization e.t.c. In fact, Fiverr is a platform where you can market your skills and get paid for it.

    5. Get paid to reads ads

    The aim of every company is to get their products seen by their customers. Hence, they spend huge sum of money trying to advertise their goods. In this type of online business, your work is to click ads that are displayed to you.

    6. Online survey jobs

    So many companies may want to know how their product is doing in the market and what customers have to say about their products. Online survey simply allows you to answer some questions as regards to a product and receive payment for that.

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    In summary

    it’s possible for you to stay at home and make money with no investment. All you need to do is to choose the best for you from the list above and get to work. You will be surprised with the money you can be making daily.

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